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Virtual Class Participant Policy

Participation Agreement: Please be aware that classes may be recorded for quality control and/or future marketing purposes. Your participation in the class implies your consent to potential recordings. Not all classes are recorded.

Maker District engages independent contractors as instructors for Maker District Social’s virtual classes. These instructors operate as independent entities and are not considered employees or affiliates of Maker District. Maker District maintains no control over the specific methods employed by instructors in delivering their classes.

Maker District does not provide a guarantee that participants will fully comprehend or master the skills taught during virtual classes. The acquisition of skills may vary among participants, influenced by individual effort and dedication.

Participants acknowledge that Maker District will not be held responsible for the participant's mastery of skills or understanding. The onus for active engagement, practice, and application of the skills learned lies with the participant.

By participating in Maker District Social virtual classes, participants explicitly release Maker District from any liability associated with the independent contractor status of instructors and the effectiveness of the learning experience.

This policy is subject to updates, and participants are advised to periodically review its contents.

1. Code of Conduct

  • All participants are expected to treat everyone with kindness, empathy, and respect, regardless of their background, experience, or skills.

  • Be considerate and supportive of fellow participants and instructors and support fellow participants in their maker journey.

  • Harassment or discrimination of any kind, including but not limited to, on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or disability will not be tolerated.


2. Attendance

  • Participants are expected to attend virtual classes punctually.

  • If unable to attend, participants should notify the instructor in advance.

  • Kindly be aware that class fees are non-refundable, and all sales are considered final unless the class is canceled by an instructor or the Maker District admin team.


3. Technology Requirements

  • Ensure your device meets the technical requirements for the virtual class.

  • Test your audio, video, and internet connection before the class.


4. Participation

  • Participants are to remain on mute with screen sharing off, unless requested by the instructor.

  • All chat communication, including messages pertaining to the class, should be respectful of other participants and the instructor(s).

  • Any unkind, derogatory, disrespectful, or hateful messages will be grounds for immediate removal from the class, and the participant will be banned from attending future classes.

  • Actively engage in class discussions and activities.


5. Tools, Materials, and Supplies

  • Participants must have all required tools, materials, and supplies if planning to participate in the class.

  • Check the class outline or pre-class communication for a list of necessary items

6. Recording and Screenshots

  • No unauthorized recording or screenshots of the virtual class are allowed.

  • Obtain explicit permission before capturing or sharing any class content.


7. Confidentiality and Privacy

  • Do not share links or passwords for virtual classes. Links are one-time use. If sharing is determined, the participant will be banned from taking future online classes.

  • Respect the confidentiality of discussions within the virtual class.

  • Refrain from sharing personal information about yourself or others.


8. Technical Issues

  • Report any technical issues promptly to the instructor or technical support.

  • Report any issues or concerns to the instructor, meeting host, meeting co-host, moderator, or (if applicable) Maker District Admin Team. Maker District admin team can be reached directly through the member chat on Maker District Social, or by emailing


9. Breaks

  • Follow the designated break times during longer classes. (Breaks may not be offered in all classes.)

  • Use breaks responsibly and return to the class on time.

10. Feedback

  • A survey will be sent following each virtual class.

  • Please be thorough and provide constructive feedback to enhance the virtual class experience.

  • Report any issues or concerns to the instructor, meeting host, meeting co-host, moderator, or (if applicable) Maker District Admin Team.


11. Compliance


12. Report Concerns


12. Consequences for Violations

  • Violations of this virtual class policy may result in warnings or removal from the class, as well as a ban from participating in any future classes offered on Maker District Social.


By participating in virtual classes offered on Maker District Social, you agree to abide by this policy as well as Maker District Social's User Terms & Conditions, Website Terms & Conditions, and Community Guidelines, andany established rules and/or participation requirements from the class instructor. 

Maker District Social reserves the right to take appropriate action, including removal from, and banning from future classes, for violations.


Thank you for contributing to a positive and enriching learning experience for everyone!

Updated January 18, 2024.

© 2024 by Maker District, Inc.  All Rights Reserved.

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