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Maker District Social 

Course Creation Guidelines




1. Teach on a Permitted Topic

   - Maker District Social online courses should cover topics related to creativity, innovation, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship, design, sustainability, and community-building within the maker movement.

   - Ensure that your course content aligns with the ethos of Maker District Social and contributes to the enrichment of its community.

   - Avoid topics that promote harmful or illegal activities, or that violate the community guidelines and values of Maker District Social.

2. Meet Minimum Standards of Course Formats

   - Courses must be at least 10 minutes in length and need to include an introduction and outro, a clear class project that is posted either as the main course image or in the 1st section/introduction of your course, and several sections and steps in order to be considered complete.


3. Clear Learning Objectives

   - Clearly state the learning outcomes and goals of your course.

   - Ensure that each lesson contributes to achieving these objectives.


4. Engaging Content

   - Use a variety of multimedia elements such as videos, images, slides, and text to keep the content engaging.

   - Incorporate real-life examples, case studies, or demonstrations to enhance understanding.

   - Feel free to include PDFs and any other helpful media


5. Structured Curriculum

   - Pre-planning your course prior to submitting your course makes your course submission much easier. 

   -Organize your course content into logical sections or modules, with engaging steps

   - Provide a roadmap or syllabus outlining the topics covered in each section.

   - Take the free “How to Create a Course on Maker District Social” course for additional support and guidance


6. Interactivity

   - Encourage active participation through quizzes, assignments, or interactive activities.

    - Foster a supportive and inclusive learning environment where students feel comfortable asking questions and sharing their experiences.

   - Foster discussions among students to facilitate peer learning and collaboration, by including an existing Maker District Social group, or by creating your own group.


7. Quality Production

   - Ensure high-quality audio and video production to enhance the overall learning experience.

   - Consider using helpful software like Switcher Studio to create more engaging videos

   - Use clear visuals and animations where appropriate to illustrate key concepts.


8. Timely Updates

   - Respond promptly to participant feedback and questions to address any issues or concerns.


9. Accessibility

   - Make your course accessible to a diverse audience by providing captions or transcripts for videos, and ensuring compatibility with screen readers.

   - Use inclusive language and avoid assumptions about learners' backgrounds or abilities.


10. Expert Instruction

    - Demonstrate your expertise in the subject matter through clear explanations, practical insights, and easy to follow visual instructions.

    - Share personal anecdotes or experiences to enrich the learning journey for participants.


11. Minimal Self-Promotion

    - Limit self-promotion to introductory and concluding sections of the course. Excessive self-promotion within the course content is discouraged in order to maintain focus on providing valuable learning experiences for participants.


12. Continuous Improvement

    - Solicit feedback from participants regularly to identify areas for improvement.

    - Iteratively refine your course content and delivery based on feedback and evolving learner needs, as needed.


13. Tasteful and Age-Appropriate Content

    - All classes and courses must use tasteful, age-appropriate language.

    - No inappropriate videos or images are allowed.


14. Respect for Copyright and Trademarks

     - No copyright or trademarked items are allowed in courses.


15. Course Editing, Removal and Legal Recourse

      - Maker District reserves the right to alter or edit any class or course language and/or attach relevant resources and/or groups.

      - Maker District admin reserve the right to remove any course at any time.

     - Actions leading to harm to another person's business, livelihood, or reputation, or causing damage to the Maker District brand or reputation, will be subject to legal recourse.


Please ensure that you have signed and submitted all required documentation for becoming a Maker District contractor, and have submitted all information for payout.


Please make sure you have reviewed all of our platform policies and procedures including: Community Guidelines, Instructor Agreement, User Terms and Conditions, Website Terms and Conditions, Copyright Infringement Takedown Policy, and Copyright Infringement Takedown Notice.


By adhering to these guidelines, your Maker District Social online course will meet the standards expected by our community of makers and provide valuable learning experiences for participants.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have! Email us at 

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