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Explanation of Public Beta Phase 




What is the Maker District Social Public Beta?

Maker District Social is entering a new phase (and final stage) of development called the public beta. Following initial rounds of private beta testing, we're now opening up the platform to a wider audience for further feedback and testing. This means that we're letting a limited number of users to test our platform before its full release to the public. 

Why are we having a public beta?

The public beta serves as a soft grand opening, offering users an exclusive opportunity to explore Maker District Social before its official launch. It allows us to gather feedback from real users like you, ensuring that the platform meets the needs and expectations of our community. This phase is crucial as it represents the final testing stage before we heavily market the platform and proceed with the official launch.

What can you expect during the public beta?

During the public beta phase, you'll have access to a version of Maker District Social that may still be a work in progress. Some features might be incomplete or subject to change. However, you'll be able to explore the platform, create content, connect with other users, and experience the core functionality firsthand.

Please note that certain paid functions, such as e-commerce capabilities, are in a beta stage and could be buggy. To compensate for any potential issues, these features will be offered at a discounted rate during the public beta phase.

To obtain a 20% per month discount for a store (e-commerce) membership, please use code: MDSBETA2024 at checkout. This discount never goes away, and will be the rate you always pay, unless your subscription lapses, or you close your store. Coupon code expires March 31, 2024.

You will also receive a unique badge attached to your member profile indicating you were one of the first stores to open on Maker District Social!

Disclaimer: Maker District is not responsible for any loss in profits or damages resulting from bugs, glitches, or other technical issues encountered during the public beta phase.


How can you participate?

Participation in the public beta is open to all users who are interested in providing feedback. Simply sign up and start exploring. As you navigate through Maker District Social, we encourage you to please share your thoughts, report any issues you encounter, and suggest ways we can improve. Your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, and vital to ensuring a seamless experience for all site members.

You can contact us through the member chat at the bottom right of your screen, through the Bugs & Feature Requests group, or through email

What happens after the public beta?

After the public beta phase concludes, we'll review all the feedback we've received and make any necessary improvements to the platform. Once we're confident that Maker District Social is ready for prime time, we'll officially launch it to the public, making it available to everyone!

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