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Greetings! Signed up via FanExpo Dallas and am checking out the site on mobile and found an interesting 'bug' that I am curious if anyone else experiences.

SO...when I enter a group, doesn't seem to matter which one, when I 'leave' the page to go back to the groups list by tapping on 'groups' toward the top of the page, it DOES go back to the main group list but the font of the group names is a size or two bigger. Hard to describe much better than that but wanted to post to see if it happens to anybody else or just me. Also, the font stays the larger size until I do an actual full reload/refresh on the main page then it loads at what I assume is the default size.

Happy to answer questions or even post screenshots...when I return from the con. No guarantees I will reply before then... ;P

Happy making to all!

Jake aka gektek

Amanda Clark


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